Author: Sumit Tharan

Modi And BJP Sweep India’s Lok Sabha Elections

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), lead by Narendra Modi took power in a landslide victory in the multi-day Lok Sabha general election. The incumbent Congress Party only managed to hold on to 63 of the 543 seats, while the BJP coalition took 334 seats. The Congress Party has been plagued by corruption, and the people punished them heavily. Modi, currently the chief minister of Gujarat, leads the Hindu nationalist and pro-business party. He has been seen as a divisive figure, many times antagonising the minority muslim population. Thanks to more than 560 million Indian voters who turned out for...

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7th Jaipur Literary Festival Keynote by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is the world’s largest free literary festival. This year was the seventh, and there were a record number of visitors, close to 220,000. The five day Festival, free to the public, brought 240 authors to the events, including Amartya Sen, Jonathan Franzen, Jhumpa Lahiri, Gloria Steinem, Ashok Vajpeyi, SR Faruqi, Ved Mehta, Reza Aslan, Samantha Shannon, Ganesh Devy, MT Vasudevan, Nair Mahesh Dattani and Narendra Kohli. The mega gathering event of literary enthusiasts began on Friday in Jaipur with a keynote address by the nobel laureate Amartya Sen. 14,700 hot meals and 1,800 nights...

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Diwali, The Festival of Lights And Delights

This Diwali festival in New Delhi shows the sights, but not the sounds, as the local people enjoy their annual festival of lights. The people are out buying small clay diyas, for decoration and for their puja or prayers. The small pots are filled with oil and set alight, producing the beautiful display seen below. We captured some beautifully drawn Rangoli, the colorful patterns made from dyed powders and flowers, to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. In preparation for the festival, the markets are beautifully decorated, and as we see below, the shopkeepers have arranged small figurines of the god,...

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