New Delhi:

Amid reports of youth moving towards an association with ISIS in the country, the Indian government is taking measures to prevent youth in India being attracted to ISIS.

According to senior government officials, during a high-level meeting, chaired by Union Home Secretary L C Goyal, in New Delhi on Saturday, the government has finalized a strategy to fight the ideologies, such as those propagated by ISIS. Representatives of central intelligence and security agencies, Directors General of Police (DsGP) and Home Secretaries of the 12 States attended the meeting.

Officials said that the focus of the government would be to take appropriate steps to prevent Indian youth from joining groups like ISIS. According to a report in The Indian Express, around 25 youngsters have been identified across the country as having been attracted to the idea of ISIS and wanting to join the group.

The statement issued by the Union Home Ministry said that some instances of radicalization of youth in some States came up for discussion during the meeting. “Appropriate measures on counter radicalization including counseling of such youth and their families were also discussed,” said the statement. “The meeting also looked at the modalities of analyzing the suspected social media platforms run by terrorists and criminal outfits.”