Diphu October 9 2023: An overwhelming Israeli intelligence service failure to detect a major Hamas incursion preceded failure to take any action for more than two hours. A full blown war between Hamas and Israel has seen thousands of missiles fired, Israel suffering an unprecedented toll of more than 600 Israeli soldiers and 1,600 Israeli civilians (IDF spokesman) and around 900 deaths in Gaza.

This points to the failure of the basic Israeli defense paradigm of catching the aggression before it entered the small tract of the country surrounded all around the hostile enemy.

Southern Israel has been affected badly by the act of ‘savagery’ and aggression in ‘complete violence’ of humanity. What happened to the powerful Iron dome? What happened to the 24×7 surveillance system? The fighting continued after a large number of civilians were executed. The IDF is now striking many sensitive military Hamas positions in Gaza.

Gaza is a small area. There are few places for civilians to go. Many tall buildings have been collapsed by Israeli retaliatory bombing.

The policy of Israel is not to concede any territory; there are more than 1,000 IDF forces in the south of Israel, in an unprecedented situation. Israel is angry and blood is boiling, an IDF spokesman has reportedly said. The situation is ‘incredibly difficult.’

The failure of the Israeli Intel System is highly disturbing so far. What caused the failure of this most reputed organization? But it has cost a lot for Israeli civilians.

There are schools of thoughts about polarizations along Israel non Israel poles. As for India, one of the latest allies of Israel may face a lot of difficulties if the state of Israel does not recover and itself faces harrowing situations in the northern front with China. And that’s telling a lot.

Israeli Intelligence Service Failure After Hamas Attack

Israel military after hamas attack – screenshot

Hostages Taken

Meanwhile, Hamas and the smaller Islamic Jihad group claimed to have taken captive more than 130 people from inside Israel and brought them into Gaza, saying they would be traded for the release of thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. The announcement, though unconfirmed, was the first sign of the scope of abductions.

The captives are known to include soldiers and civilians, as well as women, children and older adults, mostly Israelis but also some people of other nationalities. The Israeli military said only that the number of captives is “significant.”

The Israeli military initially estimated 1,000 Hamas fighters took part in Saturday’s initial incursion. The high figure underscored the extent of planning by the militant group ruling Gaza, which said it launched the attack in response to mounting Palestinian suffering under Israel’s occupation and blockade of Gaza.

The gunmen rampaged for hours, gunning down civilians and snatching people in towns, along highways and at a techno music festival attended by thousands in the desert. The rescue service Zaka said it removed about 260 bodies from the festival, and that number was expected to rise. It was not clear how many of those bodies were already included in Israel’s overall toll.

In response, Israel hit more than 800 targets in Gaza so far, its military said, including airstrikes that leveled much of the town of Beit Hanoun in the enclave’s northeast corner.

Israeli Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari told reporters that Hamas was using the town as a staging ground for attacks. There was no immediate word on casualties, and most of the community’s population of tens of thousands likely fled beforehand.

“We will continue to attack in this way, with this force, continuously, on all gathering (places) and routes” used by Hamas, Hagari said.

Intelligence Service Failure

Both the state of Israel and India are silent corroborators and mutual beneficiaries in the shadow areas of subversion, anti terrorism, capacity building in the defense forces and so on. Israel once gave a new life to all the MiG Bis 21 planes by retrofitting with the minimum cost. It wanted to destroy the Pakistani nuclear facilities once and for all with help of India which denied it the refueling facilities.

The Punjab Police and others send personnel to learn the ‘no rules’ Krav Maga system of fighting that can enable a man to go back to his family. The infamous Pegasus snooping software helped the big bro role of the authorities in India.

Well, if you could not beat Israel, just join it. Now, the fallout seems to affect the secret bilateral or covert activities between India and Israel, and Hamas is baying for blood on behalf of the terrorist activities to be directed against India.

Well, what are the lessons India learned? May people say India learned nothing even from the Taj Hotel incident. The country seems unprepared even for hostage negotiations or flushing out terrorists in multiple locations. It is time for India to be more vigilant.