Good neighbors strengthen barriers, friendship, communication as well as a sense of security between people. But a fence is a good boundary to maintain privacy. This means neighbors can maintain harmony by maintaining a fence.

“Personal space with neighbors is essential for the future of society for better development of the relationship,” but a fence eliminates any chance of trespassing in an area that is essential to your safety. This is also true for relationships, neighboring countries, co-workers, or everything else in life. A good neighbor is a blessing. A good neighbor gives a sense of trust.

Importance of Good Neighbor

The importance of neighbor is well known to those who have had bitter experiences with their neighbors. A good neighbor helps in creating an ideal society and before that ideal mind.

A good neighbor helps in creating an ideal society and before that ideal mind. For some people how to treat neighbors may be part of their personal decision and policy, but every religion has associated it with faith and explained its importance. Everyone said this, ‘He has no faith, whose evil does not protect his neighbor.’

It is not enough to have friendships with his neighbors, take full care of them and try to help them at every step. There is a clear command of the Qur’an, ‘Subscribe to Allah and do not make anyone partner with Him. Be nice to your parents, to your neighbors. God does not like a person who brags and brags. There are three types of neighbors – relative neighbors, unfamiliar neighbors, and living together.

Not everyone knows about living in a specific neighborhood. Come mingle with neighbors that they even know what’s cooking in their house and some live so far away that they can’t even come when they want to. If we think like this we will realize that we are building many different walls with our neighbors which will keep us connected for life.

But remember that it is not a good idea to stay away from too many friendships. No one likes the interference of a third person in their personal life. If too much freedom is given to the neighbors it can lead to unpleasant incidents.

This division between neighbors is a way to create a safe and secure feeling, at the same time they can also create separation between each other. Therefore, always be friendly with others when needed, but at the same time keep a special distance from them. As the saying goes “be a good neighbor but at the same time keep your distance.”

Neighboring Countries

Can be in the form of neighboring countries, such as your home, states, etc. The deserving quality of a good neighbor depends on the behavior and welfare of the neighbors. This quality depends on the nature, the method of treatment, and the space between each other, that is the boundary. Fences only maintain privacy and personal space which is very essential for the development of society.

A good neighbor should be kind, considerate, and cooperative. No matter how nice the neighbor is, there is always the danger of being complacent about one’s privacy. It doesn’t mean that they will intentionally annoy you but there is always a chance. A fence built in harmony between properties does not hinder your relations with your neighbors. It just protects your family’s interests and privacy.

There should always be a boundary in a relationship that should not be crossed at a certain point in time. It doesn’t have to be a big fence, can block all conversation with neighbors, but enough fence to keep neighbors in harmony.

Family Neighbors

For example in the case of family neighbors – it is good that neighbors are participating in family functions, but if they are crossing the border by entering into personal matters which one does not want to share with neighbors, it is dangerous. Similarly, if neighboring countries are just trying to hack other countries’ emails, the relationship turns sour and it will be very difficult to convert it into sweets.

Borders between neighboring countries create peace and harmony between them and avoid border disputes. “Nepal’s borders with Bhutan, India recognize fraternal ties and help each other by strengthening the pillars of unity, peace and harmony.” On the other hand, the creation of a boundary can also lead to isolation.

However, times have changed and people often have no idea who lives in their immediate neighborhood. The construction of the wall may also lead to disputes over its need in the long run as there are differences among people. For citizens of a country that shares ties with their neighbors, crossing the border can be difficult.

This age-old belief of making good neighbors good neighbors holds even in the modern era. But, like everything else, these boundaries should not become restrictions on how people communicate with each other. Barriers must be adequately established to ensure that confidentiality is not affected, boundaries are not encroached upon and sanctity is maintained at all times in different relationships. “History can change but geography cannot”. This means that the geography of a country, and its neighbors are permanent and cannot be changed whereas history can be created mutually or exclusively.

Fortunately or unfortunately, a country’s neighbors are fixed. We cannot change them, we can only change the way we treat them.

Women wait at an India-Pakistan border crossing to see neighbors

The failure of the National Security Adviser (NSA) level talks have once again escalated cross border tensions, endangering the lives of women and men along the LoC. (Credit: Jmacleantaylor CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)