Diphu December 18: The first Digital Library in Assam, and the third in northeast India, was formally opened for global viewers at Diphu Government College by acclaimed literate and prolific writer Dr. Rongbong Terang.

Similar types of library exist in universities in three other north-eastern states i.e. Aizol, Itanagar and Shillong. After crossing many hurdles and impediments the college Principal, Dr. Nirob Kumar Sharma, established it by switching the classical manual library into a Digital Central Library. The new library is fully automated and mechanized To handle issue, return and search of the available books.

Various facilities incorporated in the Digital Library work in conjunction with a Digital Card issued to students, teachers and staff members, including issuing books. The Digital Card also allows the entry of the person through a server operated gate, and entry to the book shelves. An information kiosk is provided near the entry gate. This information kiosk helps borrowers search the availability of a particular book in the shelves. Accessibility is informed through shelf and rack numbers; accordingly an available book is issued at a self check-in and check-out counter using the Digital Card.

The return process is also done by placing the book on the table of the counter which does not require the Digital Card if any one does not know the self check-in and check-out process then it can be done through the Computerized Issue Section operated by a Library Assistant. If any book is taken for 20 seconds the duration of locking can be adjusted as per choice. The valid database of all the library books replaces the old conventional catalogue and card keeping system. The library URL can be accessed through the College website which is in progress. This can be done from anywhere in India. In a sense the information about books in the Diphu Govt. College Library can be accessible from anywhere in the world to any person.

The project is funded by the Director of Higher Education, Govt. of Assam. Thousands of new features can be expanded and put upon this foundation as and when those requirements are felt necessary with the mobilization of new funds. The noble undertaking of Dr. N.K. Sarma has been highly appreciated by all sections of the people of this backward district of Assam.

Diphu Government College - front photo.

Diphu Government College.

Among various higher academic organizations in Assa,m Diphu Government College is at the forefront right now. In spite of being located in a socially backward region the College management left no stone unturned to develop the College.

Additional features have been smartly executed by Dr. Nirab Kumar Sarma as permanent Principal of the College after his joining the premier institution. Thanks to his initiatives, Diphu Govt. College is a pioneer in introducing Biometric Punching Machine, Smart Class, Video Conferencing, C.C.T.V. Camera Installation in vital positions etc.

Although the College has a very large number of students, and the families of themajority are of average income, the College has been not lagging behind so far as Information Technology and use of ICT (Information and Computer Technology) related matters. The Digital Library of Diphu Government College is totally based on KOHA software and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology.