Diphu August 17: India’s newest threat may now be across an unexpected front after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. U.S. president Joe Biden unilaterally withdrew U.S. troops, abandoning vulnerable Afghan allies, American citizens and billions of dollars worth of arms.

The twenty-year Afghan conflict came to a screeching halt, leaving locals and American citizens in a shaky limbo.

It is often classical knowledge about natural resources that ignites the passion for war. Our hydrocarbon-based civilization is not advanced enough to share and care for fellow neighbourhood countrymen.

Afghan Taliban Clean Sweep

How was it possible for only seventy thousand armed Talibani ultras to sweep through and seize control of most of Afghanistan? Could it be due to the world’s second oldest profession; fighting for payment.

Driven by fundamentalist belief systems to suit the needs of the job at hand for a fight, plunder and systematic derogatory works of unpardonable liberties against women; here come the mercenaries.

Mercenaries have been deployed in war for many purposes. This time, to cover up or to sideline the Sino–Indian standoff in Tibet, the Chinese power has chosen the Taliban to support them to open up a new window in India’s security scenario.

Afghan residents try to flee from afghanistan airport chaos. youtube screenshot.

Afghanistan airport chaos. youtube screenshot.

American Weapons abandoned

The elite American trained Afghan soldiers may now combine with the enforcers of Sharia. Where there is hardly any value for women, the Taliban may be a very inconvenient presence in Afghanistan.

The subtle essence of the situation is that there very little notable resistance to the invading Talibani brigands.

Airspace over Afghanistan and Byelorussia have been restricted. Long-range flights to Europe are to be routed through Ankara which benefits by refueling the airliners and resting air-crews.

The mandarins of the north and the south blocks of New Delhi are yet to elicit their responses to the grim situation.

Potential dangers are lurking with the arsenals left behind by the USA for the Afghan troops.

The shoulder fired ground to air missiles with the modern generation ‘Stinger’ missiles left behind for the local military could be a game changer anywhere on the western front.

Should these elements penetrate into Bangladesh; the north east can expect to experience its own share of difficulties in times to come.

China Looms Large

China never, in earlier decades, went for such a wonderful tactical move to put India in a tight spot.

Dependence on Chinese imported goods in India is a growing reality. Withdrawal of such ‘facilities’ may impact such ‘blind spots’ in the Indian economy.

It is a fact; India never went to initiate a war by attacking a neighboring country in the last thousand years.

It shows India as a reactive mechanism; while the others have been proactive in diplomatic and war fronts. The end of the Afghan conflict may flag risky times for India. It may depend on what path the Taliban take next. In addition people other than the Taliban may seize the weapons and sell them to India’s enemies.

afghan president ashraf ghani

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country with money and goods.