Diphu February 14: Chinese oppression has been ignored by many nations around the world, that only use human rights to beat their opposition when it suits them. Through a joint press statement issued by five major Tibetan NGOs have informed that they organized a hunger strike to protest against the oppressive policies on Tibetans and reiterate that China does not qualify for the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The organizations are Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet and Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet Students for a Free Tibet – India came together to register their protest at Dharamshala, District Kangra Himachal Pradesh on February 4th.

“China has been implementing policies that are aimed at wiping out Tibetan identity since Tibet was occupied by China. Since then, Tibetans are denied human rights, religious freedom, and language rights. China hosting the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing at such a critical situation inside Tibet is a clear failure of the international community to stand up against China” the press statement stated.

The statement also stated that, “Tibetans and other oppressed people under Chinese rule have been living under domineering Chinese policies. Moreover, Chinese people themselves are denied freedom and equal rights. Thus, 1.4 billion Chinese people are living under the draconian rule of the Chinese Communist Party. China does not deserve the right to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing with such clear evidence of human rights violations and abuses. Therefore, we firmly oppose China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and recognize the failure of the governments and countries supporting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”

Chinese Oppression

While denouncing the expansionist policies of the Chinese Communist Party, the statement has mentioned that the party have stretched beyond China to pose a threat to all parts of the world. “The threat of the Chinese Communist party is apparent from the developments of border aggressions at the India – Tibet border, conflicts at the South China Sea, and war threats to Taiwan” the statement mentioned.

Chinese oppression - Beijing games boycott. Image from youtube screenshot.

Chinese oppression – Beijing games boycott. Image from youtube screenshot.

Threat To Democracy

With new trade deals, leading democratic countries of the world are fostering one of the world’s worst threats to democracy. As a consequence, China has been advancing its influence and power to all parts of the world. It is high time for the leaders of the free world to stop their “quiet diplomacy” against China and move forward to protect democracy. China is a threat to democracy. If China continues to go on with its atrocities, the world is in danger of moving apart from democracy. It has been more than 70 years since Tibet was colonized by China. Tibetans have never stopped struggling for their rights and freedom. The press release stated.

Colonization Victims

“We are joining in solidarity with people all over the world who are also victims of Chinese colonization like the Tibetans. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 167 Tibetans have self-immolated to protest against the repressive Chinese occupation. The situation inside Tibet has been severely deteriorating. China has violated international laws, and ironically also failed to enforce the laws prescribed under the Chinese Communist Party’s ethnic autonomy system,” the release stated.

Political Prisoners

The organizations while severely criticizing the Chinese repression have demanded release of all political prisoners. Tibetans inside Tibet are living under severe restrictions and repression.  There are increased reports of arrests of dissents and enforced disappearance inside Tibet. The recent demolition of a giant Buddha statue in Drago, Kham, and ten – year sentence of prominent Tibetan writer Go Sherab Gyatso is clear evidence. As such, we call on China to release Tibetan political prisoners including Panchen Rinpoche immediately without any conditions” the release stated.