When the Jammu Public Works Department said they would repair and seal some of the main roads in Janipur, businesses and residents were pleased. Five months on, and those same businesses and residents are upset.

The Public Works Department awarded the project to a contractor, but the work has not been done. The roads remain is a very poor state, causing major problems for all.

On Tuesday, the residents of Ward No: 38, Janipur Jammu, lead by Honorable (Ex) Corporator Ward No: 38 Smt. Darshana Bandral and Sh. Raveesh Mengi, President LAKSHYA (THE AIM) staged a protest at Main Chowk, Janipur. They issued the following press release.

We, the residents of Ward No: 38, staged a peaceful protest at Main Chowk Janipur on 11-04-2017 at 10.00 AM, headed by Honorable (Ex) Corporator Ward No: 38 Smt. Darshana Bandral and Sh. Raveesh Mengi, President LAKSHYA (THE AIM) against the Public Works Department (PWD) Jammu, and the concerned Contractor to whom the work has been allotted and sanctioned since last five months for the black topping of the approach road of Nasseb Nagar Janipur and also the black topping of approach road of Sector 4 Pamposh Colony, Janipur which falls under Ward No: 38. But it is very unfortunate on the part of the PWD authorities that neither the authorities have the guts to ask the Contractor as to why this particular work has not been taken over by the Contractor which has been allotted and sanctioned through the Honorable MLA Jammu West Sh. Sat Sharma despite of various reminders given by the Honorable MLA to the concerned authorities but all in vain. It seems that these officers are spoiling the image of the Government headed by Sh. Narindra Modi, who has taken the oath of Swach Bharat mission all over the India.

The inhabitants living in the area are facing a lot of inconvenience in commuting to and fro with the damaged roads which are really in a shabby condition, and not worth for old people to commute. It is in a very horrible and deplorable condition hence it needs urgent repair and black topping.

It is an appeal to the PWD authorities to intervene in the matter and get the work done on priority basis by instructing the Contractor concerned or if he is not willing than execute the work by other means as per the guidelines of the Government, so that the work is taken up on priority basis and the basic amenties are given to the people concerned, otherwise the matter will be taken up with the Honorable Minister concerned.

Sh. Lalit Luthra Ward President Ward NO: 38,

Sh.Vikrant Khullar,

Sh. Surinder Dhar,

Sh. S.L. Raina,

Sh. Kuldeep Bhat,

Sh. Sonu Rajput,

Sh.Ajay Tattoo,

Sh. Sanjeev Khajuria,

Sh. Vipan Khajuria,

And others

Residents of Ward No: 38, Janipur Jammu.

protestors sit in the road at main chowk. protestors hold up traffic at main chowk. Janipur Residents Protest Jammu Public Works Department.