Diphu July 30: At a time when the government of Assam has adopted zero tolerance deportment against any kind of extremist conduct, a worrying incident has taken place in Karbi Anglong district, relating to the Kuki people, who may be the lost tribe of Israel.

Kuki People Flee Village

Kuki National Assembly, the apex civil organization of Kuki community of Karbi Anglong has informed that recently people belonging to Kuki community domiciled in Jawllen village located in the heights of Singhason hill range have run away from their parish anticipating imminent attack from the insurgent organization “United People’s Revolutionary Front,” (UPRF).

UPRF Ransom Demand

The Kuki National Assembly has stated that the United People’s Revolutionary Front, the ultra outfit, has demanded a ransom of INR 20 lakh from them.

The Kuki civil organization has supposed that two UPRF (M) cadres were eliminated in that village in an encounter with security forces on June 20.

Flag of the Kuki people - the lost tribe of israel. Public domain image.

Flag of the Kuki people – the lost tribe of israel. Public domain image.

Through a press release, Kuki National Assembly, Karbi Anglong said that the village dwellers of Lawllen community have already abandoned their village and have taken refuge in and around Manja town in close proximity to Manja police station located around sixteen kilometres from Diphu town.

After the sudden uprising of extremist commotion in that area, the Kuki National Assembly has sought safety of the displaced people from the district administration. The civil body has given a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong on this issue seeking security for the expatriated Kuki people.

KNA Requests Security Assistance

The Kuki body has also requested the local administration to secure the places where the villagers have taken refuge awaiting return to normalcy.

The KNA has insisted that the administration to provide security for the threatened people so they can complete their farming in this season of cultivation.