Diphu September 24: West Karbi Anglong (Hamren) district under administrative authority of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council has turned into a safe route for smuggling of cows and other domestic cattle to Bangladesh.

According to information received, thousands of cows procured from various markets in Nagaon district based on suspicious fitness certificates from veterinary doctors and illegal export documents are transported in trucks along the Lanka-Umrangso road to Silchar subdivision of Cachar district.

The loads of cows pass through check points at Lanka, Kheroni, Umrangso, Dyangmukh and Diabrang police station of Dima Hasao district before reaching the Ranighat area. This is the flash point before reaching Bangladesh through the inland water route.

It has been alleged that Lanka police station in Nagaon district set up a check point at Chambari while Kheroni police station’s check point at Kheroni tri junction (Chariali), Dyangmukh police station’s check point at Dyangmukh and Umrangso police station with its check point at Umrangso allows smooth passage to the international animal exporters without verifying their export documents. This is perfect for the Cattle Smuggling trade.

The district entrance check point set up by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council at Forest Bazar and Diangmukh also follows the example of the police check gate.

<em>”The police and other authority knows very well that cattle smuggling to Bangladesh is continuing flouting all international rules and regulation of export causing immense damage to the nation’s economy but they never bother to control the illegal trade on the plea that the transportation of the cattle is just an inter district transportation, organized racket involving crores of rupees cash is boosting the illegal smuggling. A high level probe linking national security agencies is necessary to save the situation, as all narrow law enforcing agencies will never act on national interest”</em> said Mohon Rongpi a local resident of Hamren and renowned RTI activist.