In commemoration of the “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking,” the district administration and Karbi Anglong police executed the disposal of a significant quantity of seized contraband and illicit drugs.

The event took place at a private brick-kiln located on the Diphu-Manja Road, situated on the outskirts of Diphu town.

Spectators witnessed the destruction of drugs worth approximately forty-eight crore rupees as they were cast into the furnace of the kiln, reducing the narcotics, including heroin, morphine, marijuana, and opium, to ashes.

The Superintendent of Police, Sanjib Saikia, along with other senior police officers, closely supervised the ceremonial obliteration program.

The Illicit Drugs

During a media briefing held at the site, Saikia disclosed that the combined market value of the assorted drugs was estimated at Rs. 48,40,05,900/- (forty-eight crores, forty lakhs, five thousand, and nine hundred rupees).

The inventory of destroyed drugs encompassed various substances, including 11.262 kilograms of heroin, 1718.784 kilograms of ganja or marijuana, 66.568 kilograms of opium, 5.238 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as “Syabu”), 0.949 kilograms of morphine, 358 bottles of cough syrup containing sedative ingredients, 85,068 tablets containing banned narcotic substances, 585.99 grams of heroin from a separate seizure, and 15.142 kilograms of ganja from another confiscation.

Ongoing Drug Problems

Despite continuous efforts by the police and administration to deter drug dealers and end users, drug smuggling and abuse persist in this region of Assam. Determined traffickers and drug lords remain active along this route, posing ongoing challenges to authorities.

Karimganj Police, working to stem the district’s drug menace on Sunday night intercepted a vehicle from Mizoram and discovered a substantial quantity of heroin. Two drug peddlers were arrested and 2.5 kilograms of heroin were seized.

illicit drugs burned

Illicit drugs burned in Karbi Anglong. NewsBlaze Image.