The Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council began the Dudu Colony clearance, today after ejecting the illegal Bangladeshi refugees from the area, supported by military and police.

The effort was lead by  the Land Revenue department, assisted by the Karbi Anglong district administration, with security provided by paramilitary forces and police.  The eviction drive aimed  to free up  Dudu Colony named by illegal occupiers who had taken control of the  Lahorijan locality of Bokajan subdivision. The area covers approximately two hundred bighas of land.

The  area  has access to Dimapur city in Nagaland and  the interstate border area of both Nagaland and Assam. Official records show that around one hundred ten illegal constructions were demolished. The illegal owners of a small number of properties were able to slow down the operation by obtaining a temporary stay injunction from  Guwahati High Court to escape the  excavators.

Forty-one households took their belongings and vacated the area before the demolitions began.

To prevent any possible fires  or electrocutions,  the area’s power connection  was cut off and all business establishments located around the periphery within seven hundred meters of the national highway 39 were closed. Read the complete story.

preparing to remove illegal settlement

Preparing to remove the illegal settlement

military protection for the Dudu Colony Clearance

Military protection

removing walls

Removing walls

setting up the machinery for the Dudu Colony Clearance

Setting up the machinery for the Dudu Colony Clearance

fast demolition

Fast demolition

cleaning the row

Cleaning the row

the teardown

The teardown

two storey building

Two storey building

bamboo homes

Bamboo homes

observing the demolition

Observing the demolition

planning the next move

Planning the next move

illegal settlement teardown

Illegal settlement teardown

illegal settlement

Illegal settlement

demolishing illegal settlement

Demolishing illegal settlement

remove illegal settlement

Remove illegal settlement