Diphu July 25: The callousness of nursing staff in dealing with susceptible therapeutic issues like the COVID19 shot was deficiently open to the elements when two different nurses administered two doses of the COVID shot in rapid succession on an elderly woman.

According to a family member Horumai Saikia, the victim who is a resident of Deopani area of Bokajan subdivision had gone to receive her first dose of Covid-19 vaccine at Balipathat MPHC yesterday.

The elderly lady was asked to be seated for a while after her first dose of the shot by the nursing staff present on the immunize seat. A few minutes later all of a sudden another nurse of the vaccination camp appeared near the lady with a plunger of vaccine and without a word jabbed the additional dose of the inject-able that is one more dose of vaccine without caring to ask or find out whether she had been vaccinated or not.

The grandson of the victim, who was observing his grandmother through the window on his feet from outside, did his best to prevent the nurse but the superfluous agile nurse did the damage at the double; she jabbed the liquid vaccine at high-speed.

The old lady is presently steady and under surveillance at the vaccination centre cum hospital. Cognizant sections of the locality have expressed shock over the incident and have demanded that the authority will have to bear all responsibility if everything doesn’t go well with the lady.

covid shot injected twice. Image by Vinzenz Lorenz M from Pixabay

covid shot injected twice. Image by Vinzenz Lorenz M from Pixabay