About a decade and a half ago, the Haryana Board of School Education, Bhiwani invited selected representatives from all over the state for the final competition of poetry recitation and slogan writing competition in two categories of students and teachers, where senior composers including state poet Udaybhanu ‘Hans’ was included in the jury. Coincidentally, in both competitions of teaching classes, I was declared first in the state. At the time of burning after the program, a student decorated with the consolation prize of the students, while extending his copy towards me, said Sir, write your full address, I keep reading your articles and writings in many newspapers and magazines including the Daily Tribune. After a week, I received a letter from that student that his first collection of poetry ‘Yaadein’ is about to go to the press, please write a page of good wishes and a message. Keeping his poetry text of Bhiwani in the role, I sent my best wishes.

After a few days, the related poetry collection was published, and I was overwhelmed to find the expressions of his teenage mind in the form of poetry. I also bought fifty copies to encourage him and also underlined the spirits of this boy in various magazines.

Saurabh Couple

Today I feel very happy when I see the same child as a successful writer and columnist. Dr. Satyawan Saurabh does not need any introduction today, as a couplet, where thousands of couplets have been published in addition to his Doha satsai ‘Titli Hai Ka Khamosh’, he is a daily columnist on current topics on editorial pages in national newspapers and magazines. But are being published prominently. After coming into the life of Priyanka Saurabh, the Ardhangini associated with the interest of writing, her writing practice and talent have gained a new edge.

Nowadays, the writings of this Saurabh Divya couple, daily writing on current affairs is an inspiration for the new generation. Apart from major national newspapers and magazines, his columns are being published daily in Punjabi, English, Hindi, and other languages in about four thousand web portals, and newspapers in the country and the world. It will be said that due to the dedication and practice of reflectiveness, writing proficiency, and regularity, multi-faceted writings on national and international issues focused on social and cultural aspects are being done with the original understanding.

Dr. Satyawan Saurabh

It is also a matter of pride for the state of Haryana that the state, the country, and the world are being seen from the point of view of a thinker and thinker from a village. While Dr. Satyawan serves as a Veterinary Inspector in the Department of Animal Husbandry, Masters of Political Science (with an honorary Doctorate), Meritorious Priyanka, who has done her Masters, MPhil, is currently a research student. While the couple is busy preparing and preparing for various competitive exams, both are constantly creating new dimensions in column writing through their innovative project RK Features. Recently, the duo has two books each in Hindi – Titli Hai Khamosh and Kudrat Ki Pir (Satyawan Saurabh) and Deemak Lage Gulab Aur Nirbhayain (Priyanka Saurabh) and Issues and Pains and Fearless in English. Which has been highly appreciated by readers.

Responding to a question, Dr. Saurabh says that he has been writing since childhood, but the imprisonment of the Corona period inspired him to write a column on national and international issues, to which Priyanka and family members contributed immensely. Inspired by the ideals of mother Kaushalya and father Ramkumar, his younger brother Manoj Haryanvi and sisters Akashvani anchor Bidamo Devi Suresh and housewife Manju Subhash had a desire for creative writing. Doha has been his favorite genre. Articles, essays, and feature writing, short stories are other major forms of his expression.

priyanka and satyavan saurabh

Priyanka and Satyawan Saurabh

Priyanka Saurabh Accomplishments

Looking at the achievements of Priyanka Saurabh, at the age of 28, three of her books were published and became famous across the country. For women empowerment through education, literature, and art, Priyanka received the Nari Ratna Award, IPS Manu Mukt Manav Shrestha Yuva Award, District Administration Bhiwani with special honor on Amrit Mahotsav of Independence as well as Haryana’s Powerful by the country’s prestigious newspaper Dainik Bhaskar Women’s Award.

Dr. Saurabh Kam Awards

Dr. Saurabh Kam was decorated with the Rashtrabhasha Ratna Award of Uttar Pradesh for literature and column writing, apart from the Sahitya Sadhak Samman, Prerna Award of Hisar, Bhiwani branch of Akhil Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad and IPS Manav Mukt Manav Award and honorary doctorate from UK-Bangladesh. He has made a distinctive identity with mature writing. His originality has also been inspiring as a panelist on All India Radio, Doordarshan, and electronic channels. In his message to youth, he says that while evaluating objectively from a scientific point of view, working in a field with creativity, you will get success.

The writings of Satyawan Saurabh and Priyanka Saurabh are inspirational for the new generation. Apart from major national newspapers, their columns are in Punjabi, English, and Hindi, and about four thousand web portals in other languages, Newspapers are being published in India and around the world every day. It will be said that due to the dedication and practice of reflectiveness, writing efficiency, and regularity, it will be said that multidimensional writing on national and international issues focused on social and cultural aspects should be done with the original understanding – Satyaveer Nahdia.

priyanka satyavan saurabh

priyanka satyavan saurabh. Photo c/o Satyaveer Nahdia