River Boundary

Diphu 17 September 2022:  The winding river named the Dhansiri or the Dima river forms the mutual boundary between the state of Nagaland and Assam’s Karbi Anglong District vide the notification number R 3102 dated Shillong 25th November, 1925.

However, the river echoed the stuttering of heavy small arms fire in the close vicinity of the Border out Post named Mishibailam. A stray bullet killed the executive magistrate on duty. Extremist outfit which fought the medium intensity fire, denied their involvement in the death of the on-duty magistrate.

The same notification, of course portrays an artificial boundary that is described as the western boundary of the Naga Hills District. As the hills district made it to the status of statehood, the same notification was not questioned.

Dimapur Township Expansion

For some odd reason, the expansion of the Dimapur township, out on lease for 66 years from 1963, pushed the miscreants and land grabbers across that artificial line. But, the trouble fomented.

The other side is an old reserve forest notified in 1922 during colonial rule. It fell within Assam. Year 2014, July; on one Sunday, under the fire cover of the paramilitary forces, the forest department carried out a four days long ejection operation and cleared the area. The firefight also ran for four days.

Allegedly the hired miscreants from Nagaland took six casualties. The fighting field is known to many and to the government record as the Doldoli Reserve Forest. All fell silent as both sides mourned their dead.

But the day came towards the beginning of 2020 when a village was declared within the same Reserve Forest by the Dimapur Revenue authorities.


There were whispers about the presence of Petroleum below the surface of Doldoli. And the Reserve Forest for which so many were killed and injured for good; has been deceived today by all including the weak political and floundering bureaucracy.

The district boundary may not be the subject of the Autonomous District Council, but it is the bounden duty of the Deputy Commissioner to wake up and take a call on this matter.


The Reserve was slowly occupied by a certain community under the political support of a previous Executive Member who held the portfolio of the Forest Department.

It was followed by other two communities from far-off areas. The Forest Department for two attempts tried to eject them all, but there was an indication of a sanguinary resistance.

As the news is coming in, the encroachers from Nagaland have penetrated deep into the Doldoli reserve forest and laying power lines with posts already on the ground.

The affair has gone too far without any action by the department. It has been suggested this may be an inside job.

Dima river.

Dima river.