Diphu April 27: A team of Bengali elders residing in Karbi Anglong led by Ex-District Congress President Pran Kumar Dutta and Ranjit Sen Ex. Principal of Binapani Higher Secondary school called on the Karbi King at his Court yesterday. They came to speak about issues that led to the recent misunderstanding between a certain Karbi organization and the Bengali community living in Karbi Anglong. It followed the alleged raping of a Karbi woman at Dengaon, under Dokmoka police station on April 17 and the later public lynching of a Bengali youth by a particular community.

The occasion marked a conscious attempt on the part of the leadership of both communities towards restoration of communal peace in the two Karbi Anglong districts. In particular, they wanted the restoration of trust and brotherhood between the Karbi and Bengali communities which have lived together in harmony for decades in this tribal district.

β€œThe King welcomed us all in most dignified manner in his traditional court which is within the palace, my friend Suren Kramsa presented His Highness kove banta, hor (rice beer) and other traditional items, the king was squatting on a rug flanked by his kinsman, I could recognize the royal priest. Pran Kumar Dutta formally presented the bottle of rice beer to the King, he accepted the bottle gracefully, he told us all some words of wisdom and later the formality was over. While chatting informally the king let us know that honorariums government provide for the up keeping of the palace and expenses of the royal family is inadequate and he has no means of raising revenue. I like to ask for the appropriate authority to take steps to restore the grandeur of the royal family,” Ranjit Sen said.

The Karbi King welcomed the initiative taken by the organizations to restore peace and harmony between the two communities and also welcomed the Bengali elders for their visit to the traditional seat of the Karbi King.

Leaders of various organizations were also present on the occasion. The leaders present included: President of KCS Mr Chandrasing Kro, President of karbi Lammet Amei Mr. Suren Kramsa, President of Karbi Student Association Mr. Leon Engleng and President of KUYA ( Karbi Unemployed Youth Association) Mr. Daniel Bey.

The Karbi King, Harsing Ronghang.

Harsing Ronghang, the Karbi King. Photo: HundorKro