Diphu May 13: Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA), the ethnic militant outfit which laid down arms in January 2012 to join the mainstream, is now passing their days in confinement within the designated camp of Manja, 16 kilometers from Diphu. They are looking ahead to for better days to come.

Kuki Revolutionary Army Statement

“Just look around this tumbledown place where 74 cadres and officers live together solely depending on Rs. 3000/- per month, each of us get this amount to meet every necessary expenses.

Frequently some of us have to travel to Guwahati or Delhi; we have to manage that expenditure also from this scanty amount.

Assam Discriminates Against Kuki

Till today we have completed 4 rounds of discussion with government but could not breach the standoff, but our demand is quite simple we want socioeconomic development of our community living in Karbi Anglong autonomous district; our community has been discriminated so long by the local autonomous council, our people lives here in primitive condition void of all basic amenities needed for human society.

Not to speak of getting government jobs till today we do not have road communication in our locality, hospital, school, electricity, drinking water etc. are considered as lavishness in Singhason hills the place where Kuki population live.

No Services

Ailing persons has to be carried in shoulder for miles to get medical help. Our community does not get any help from any development department functioning under the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, even the central government sponsored schemes are also barred from reaching our people by the council and the local political leaders.

To tackle the situation and counter the hegemony of the larger tribes we need a regional council as provided in Indian Constitution, I hope both Assam and Union government will recognize our problem and take quick step to save us,” Lalsey Gangte general secretary of Kuki Revolutionary Army said in an interview at the KRA designated camp of Manja.