Diphu September 22: Dr. Jayanta Rongpi, working president of recently constituted ‘United Peoples Front’ a conglomeration of 8 ethnic clannish sponsored political fronts in Assam is optimistic of winning at least 32 seats in the forthcoming Assam legislative Assembly election.

The charismatic leader, also the chief convener of Hills State Democratic Council, claims that in the legislative assembly election, BJP, Congress or AUDF will not be a factor and the new tribal front will win all 4 seats spread in the autonomous hill districts of Assam.

After his return from Guwahati yesterday, Dr. Rongpi said the new BPF party, led by chairman Hagrama Mohalery, has chosen DR. Ronog Pegu as general secretary. Dr. Rongpi said that in both Diphu and Howraghat constituencies, Bodo voters play the decisive role and over the last 14 years they have extended support to the ruling Congress party. A recent rift between BPF and Congress may encourage Bodo support for the new ‘United Peoples Front’.

Parties Not Worried About United Peoples Front

Dr. Jayanta Rongpi

Dr. Jayanta Rongpi

It may be mentioned here that in spite of the political fissure between Congress and BPF, the Congress led Executive Committee of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council still maintains cordial relations with the Bodo community of Karbi Anglong. Elected Bodo MAC (Member of Autonomous Council) from Langhing constituency is one of the Executive Members of the KAAC; only time will decide whether BPF will support BJP, Congress or the newly formed ‘United Peoples Front’.

Contradicting Dr. Rongpi’s claim, the district Congress coordinator said the new party will not cast any influence on the hills voters. He mentioned that erstwhile leaders of ASDC (Autonomous State Demand Committee) such as Dr. Rongpi, Holiram Terang, Chomong Kro, Jotson Bey, Horensing Bey by rechristening the ASDC to HSDC (Hills State Democratic Council) and entering into the new political conglomeration are trying to lure voters but will not achieve any political benefit in the end.

Arun Terang, district BJP President downplayed the new political merger. He said that at least in the two hill districts the HSDC will have no impact since people have decided to vote for BJP this time. He also mentioned that “the partner of ‘United Peoples Front’ in the hills is HSDC which changed itself from ASDC again at a time it was known as PAPA, now UPF how long it will keep on altering its name, this type of flip-flop won’t be any challenge for BJP.”