Diphu September 26: The newly elected President of Karbi Anglong District Congress Committee Mongol Sing Timung suffered a setback when 46 hardcore congress families and 26 HSDC ( Hills State Demand Council) family units of Hamren, the home constituency of the Congress leader, formally joined BJP yesterday en-mass.

The shocking change happened at a party meeting held at Rangsina Hall, in Hamren town.

The snub suffered by the newly elected KADCC President, Mongol Sing Timung from the elite section of his locality eroded the base of the party from his constituency as the party deserters includes many Mondol Congress, women leaders and youths. The people expressed their dismay at the hollowness of the Congress party which unleashed a reign of corruption and misrule.

Mrs. Rohila Kropi, Secretary Mohila Morcha of KADCC also resigned from the party yesterday, She said the Congress party has done nothing for the people, and everything for itself.

“Right from annexing hundreds of crores of rupees for his self interest and pushing us to under darkness, Mongol Sing Timung has done nothing to improve our lifestyle, till today we do not have proper roads, education and minimum facility from the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council where Mongol Sing Timung is the Executive Member for last 15 years. The HSDP is the B team of Congress in Karbi Anglong, all the political programmes of HSDP are funded by Congress, they do not have anything special to deliver to the public,” Mrs. Rohila Kropi said.

A BJP party source openly declared in the meeting that soon thousands of Congress workers will join BJP in Hamren who are fed up with the embezzlement of government fund by their leaders, the money meant for the public welfare.

Congress hands Karbi anglong to BJP

Congress hands Karbi anglong to BJP