Guwahati, October 27 : Assam police arrested a man from the Dibrugarh district of Upper Assam on Thursday, after he accepted a Rs 10 lakh bribe.

The man was identified as Naba Kumar Patir, an assistant engineer in Dibrugarh’s Town and Country Planning government department.

A police official said the engineer requested the bribe from a dentist wanting an appointment in the Assam Medical College Hospital (AMCH).

“He contacted me after I applied for a post in AMCH under Assam Public Service Commission and claimed that he would help me and demanded a bribe for it. He also said that, he has good contacts with APSC. Regarding the matter I contacted police and police raided his house based on my complaint soon after I paid him Rs 10 lakh in cash at his house and caught him red handed,” the dentist said.

Police registered a case against the engineer.

Asomiya Yuba Mancha demanded a high level inquiry into the Assam Public Service Commission after the engineer’s arrest.

“We have demanded a high level inquiry against APSC on many occasions but the state government has yet to take appropriate action,” Jitul Deka, Secretary General of Asomiya Yuba Mancha said.

assam public service commission.

Assam Public Service Commission.