Diphu November 25: Jirleen Rongpipi passed B.Com LLB (Honors in Business Law) Examination in first class scoring letter marks in Moot Court and Internship. She secured fifth place with honors in business law. Her excellent scholastic achievement has brought glory to the entire Karbi community.

Ms. Rongpipi graduated from NEF Collegem of Guwahati, part of Guwahati University.

Jirleen is the daughter of Dewri Rongpi and Kanam Ingtipi of Diphu.

Jirleen did her schooling at Don Bosco Higher School, and Amity College.

Intelligence runs in the family, and Jirleen’s cousin Hunmellan Timungpi is also a scholarly young girl, also from Diphu. Hunmellan secured 5th place in the Central University Common Entrance Test 2016, which is a national contest. We reported on Hunmellan’s achievement in June this year.

At this time, it is unknown what she will do next with her qualifications.

jirleen rongpipi.

Jirleen Rongpipi.