Diphu January 10: Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma, the stalwart leader of BJP and chief convener of the party’s election campaigning team today lambasted the ruling Congress of Assam and the local Congress leaders of Karbi Anglong at a party workers meeting held in Diphu town.

Addressing a mammoth gathering organized by Lumbajong and Langsomapi block unit of the BJP, Dr. Sharma alleged the Congress betrayed the poor tribal people of this hilly backward region. The firebrand leader said “Congress has duped the people of the hills for the last sixty years in the name of giving full autonomy, this party has always stage-managed some gimmick before elections by submitting a memorandum at Delhi or making luxurious trips to the nation’s capital brand naming it as agitation for an Autonomous State. It is due to my personal effort special TET examination for Karbi Anglong was held and work for Medical College could be started and all along the local MP Biren Sing Engti preferred to snooze in the parliament. BJP promises full-fledged autonomy for Karbi Anglong including direct funding and separate university and state-of the art infrastructure within 5 years which Congress has failed to deliver in 60 years.”

Pointing at the threat of the Bangladeshi invasion, Dr. Sharma mentioned that as of today due to massive infiltration of the Bangladeshi nationals, no indigenous community or tribe is in a position to elect a single candidate of their community in at least 35 assembly seats of Assam. “I call upon you all to unite under the banner of BJP to shape a developed and secure Assam, learn by heart this is our last battle of /Saraighat/ to defend our selves from extinction; BJP opposes none except Bangladeshis and its protector AUDF, we do not want to see Baduraddin Ajmal becoming Chief Minister of Assam, and right now Congress Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi is working hand-in glove with Baduraddin Ajmal to devastate the indigenous communities of Assam; till today Congress has kept us all dependent through its policy of yarn – blanket and dynastic rule instead of empowering the youths through self-reliance.” DR. Sharma said.

Uttering astonishment at the assembly of a block level party meeting, Dr. Sharma expressed confidence about his party’s performance in the coming election. Taking a dig at two factions of Karbi Students Association and Students and Youth Council for their opposition to his visit he mentioned that these organizations have practically expressed their fright and trepidation by opposing him on some flimsy ground.

Nearly one thousand Congress leaders and activists and about 100 HSDC activists joined BJP in today’s meeting.