Diphu April 9: Strong 70 kilometer per hour wind accompanied by a rainstorm in Kheroni caused intense destruction. Kheroni and vast adjoining areas of West Karbi Anglong suffered yesterday during the early hours of the morning.

Many huts had their tin roofs blown off and the heavy wind uprooted trees. Some people retrieved their tin coverings from hundreds of meters away after the squall ended.

Many families escaped certain death by taking shelter under their beds when their hut collapsed on their head.

Twisted electric poles and some trees fell on residential houses. Amazingly, no one was injured in the incident.

The roof of a church in Tharve Hidi village blew off. The high winds flattened most houses in Majgaon village, and many walls collapsed due to the impact of the rainstorm.

Rainstorm in Kheroni

rainstorm in Kheroni

heavy rain after wind