Diphu April 7: A herd of wild elephant roughly numbering about 25 attacked Langparpan village located within the general area of Jenkha in West Karbi Anglong district yesterday.

The herd destroyed number of huts and particularly demolished the residence of Mongol Tisso. In the midnight assail, the wife of Tisso Karang Timungpi while running away from the her house was propelled away by one elephant with its trunk.

The fuming elephants ventured into the human habitation area from the nearby reserve forest looking for silage. The elephants did not touch the one year old daughter of Mongol Tisso.

The girl was initially with her mother, but was separated when Karang Timungpi was tossed away by the elephant. The terrified baby girl who was screaming with ear-piercing cries, clearly drew the attention of the elephants but miraculously none of them touched the baby.

Later when the herd left the place, the injured Karang was rescued by other villagers and was admitted to Kheroni hospital.

Forest officials are looking into the whole incident.

elephant near Langparpan Village, India.