Diphu August 30 2023:  The Dhansiri Lumding Elephant reserve was notified in 2013 by the Government of Assam with extensive elephant bearing areas around the main components of the Doldoli and Lumding Reserve Forests.

Over the years, the miscreants from an area east of the Dhansiri River denuded a large portion of the Elephant Reserve tipping the balance off the elephants. Reportedly this was a covert operation of some powerful organization to run its ‘affairs.’

Elephant Poachers

Over the years, since 1980, a large number of elephants in the earlier Mikir Hills Reserve Forest, Kaliani Reserve Forest and Doigurung Reserve Forest were eliminated by poachers for tusks and meat.

Population Declining

The present population of the wandering herds of the area would not exceed more than about 400 in number. The creation of about 900 square kilometers of a Tiger Reserve would have saved the portion of Karbi Anglong known in the world’s scientific literature as the Indo Myanmar Biodiversity hotspot.

In this kind of situation, the silence and inaction is not warranted from the authorities who matter.  There are, unfortunately, too many impostors in the environmental fields masquerading as ‘specialists.’

It would augur well to listen to the wise deliberations that the available sources can provide and get a go ahead in the matter of international priority.  The author is a former Wildlife Warden of Karbi Anglong

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay