Diphu August 1 2023:  In spite of authorities’ effort to curb the spread of deadly dengue, with every passing day the feared dengue takes its toll in Diphu. One young girl of around twenty four years died this morning, the second death since the month of June.

The deceased is Sarmistha Chakborty, resident of Jhilpar locality of the town. She was admitted to Diphu Medical College and Hospital on July 29th, and due to her deteriorating health condition she was referred to Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.

Family members considered her frail state and the hazardous journey, so instead admitted her to a private hospital in Dimapur city of Nagaland, considering the close proximity.

Although she was admitted to the intensive care unit she breathed her last within a few hours in ICU.

Another Dengue Death

Previous to this tragic death another lady, Rohila Teronpi died in Diphu Medical College and Hospital on June 1.

A total of forty one persons are currently undergoing treatment in Diphu Medical College and Hospital. Of these 41, four persons are in semi ICU and one person is in the general ICU.

Dr. H. J Deka of Diphu Medical College and Hospital has informed that up to yesterday evening 1506 persons have tested Dengue positive. If that count is added to the tested results of private nursing homes, pathological unites and patents under treatment in individual households, the total integer is an alarming figure. Dr. Deka partially blamed lack of awareness for the unbridled increase of Dengue.

June Report

In an earlier report at the end of June, 12 patients were being treated in Diphu. At that time, 301 samples were tested in Diphu, with 192 returning positive for dengue. Several neighborhoods in town reported cases exhibiting symptoms such as fever, headache, retro-orbital pain, and vomiting.

Eradication Attempts

Up until now, health and municipal authorities have confined their activity to destruction of the larva, fogging, distribution of preventive drugs and low intensity awareness campaigning.

Open Sewer Blamed

The victim’s family members and the mindful citizens are squarely blaming the sullied portion of Diphu River which flows through the town. This salient river was once considered the lifeline of Diphu town but is now a stinking and polluted sewer.

If not Dengue certainly the river has become a source of bug and virus as human excreta from uncountable temporary toilets is exhausted in this river along with a sizable portion of market garbage. To compound the woe of this hilly stream, undergrowth and waterborne pick over have wedged the natural flow, making an idyllic condition for propagation of microbes and illness.

dengue possibly in river. NewsBlaze file image.