Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council experienced an unprecedented surge in revenue collection for the fiscal year ending in 2023. The revenue generated by the council increased from eighteen crores rupees to three hundred and eight crores ninety-six lakhs seventy-nine thousand five hundred ninety-eight rupees, an incredible achievement.

Mukul Kathar ACS, the Secretary in charge of Revenue, explained that the revenue came from various sources, including taxes and levies collected from Land Revenue, Entry Tax Gate, Market Revenue, and Land revenue collected from Mouzadars.

Revenue collected from the government and council sector employees was not presented separately in the balance sheet.

Revenue Collection Portals

The Council’s Taxation department launched two web portals to facilitate tax and revenue deposits from different sources. The portals will help with the renewal of trading licenses, obtaining new licenses, assessing tax amounts, and other utilities.

The Forest department launched the other portal, which aims to facilitate online revenue collection of forest-based resources in West Karbi Anglong and Karbi Anglong districts.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Mr. Rao, stated that the software for the portal was developed after much deliberation and has now been formally launched by the Chief Executive Member of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council. The portal will be available to the public after the completion of a few formalities.

Mr. Rao told this correspondent, “Basically this portal will ensure ‘on line revenue collection’ of the Forest department, which is obtained from various forest based resources. This coordination will be applicable in West Karbi Anglong and Karbi Anglong district. The software has been developed after much deliberation and today it has been formally launched by the CEM. The portal will come under public domain after compilation of a few formalities.”

CEM Tuliram Ronghang convened a meeting to announce the revenue collection at the conference hall of Arboretum in Matipung.

The revenue generated from the council’s sources might surpass the grant in aid received by the council, making it a revenue surplus establishment of the Government of India in the future, if everything goes well in the revenue sector.

The Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council receives about four hundred crores rupees annually from the Assam government’s “State Owned Priority Development” scheme, which funds most of the council’s developmental schemes.