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Sumit Tharan is New Delhi-based photojournalist, who travels all over the country to capture and compile photo essays.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), lead by Narendra Modi took power in a landslide victory in the multi-day Lok Sabha general election. The incumbent Congress Party only managed to hold on to 63 of the 543 seats, while the BJP coalition took 334 seats. The Congress Party has been plagued by corruption, and the people punished them heavily.

Modi, currently the chief minister of Gujarat, leads the Hindu nationalist and pro-business party. He has been seen as a divisive figure, many times antagonising the minority muslim population.

Thanks to more than 560 million Indian voters who turned out for the 6-day general election, 64 year old Modi will be the 14th Prime Minister of India. The elections were held in several stages from April 7th to the 12th of May, and voter turnout was estimated at 66.3 percent.

NewsBlaze photojournalist, Sumit Tharan, provided this photo essay.

bjp supporters billboard dance
Supporters dancing nearby a billboard of BJP’s Prime Minster candidate Narendra Modi. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp dancers drummers
Dancers and drummers help BJP supporters celebrate the Party’s win Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp flag national flag
BJP supporters raise the party’s flag alongside the national flag Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp tigers
BJP supporters dressed as tigers celebrate the party’s win in the Lok Sabha elections Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp face paint
A painter draws a logo on a BJP supporter’s face in New Delhi after the party’s sweep of more than 250 seats in parliamentary elections. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
people celebrate bjp win
People celebrating victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in Lok Sabha Elections. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
dr harsh vardan
Dr. Harsh Vardan, Delhi Chief of winning Bharatiya Janata Party talking to media in Delhi. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
advani addresses crowd
Senior BJP Leader L. K Advani addresses a crowd after the party won the Lok Sabha elections. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
modi arm paint
A BJP supporter displays the name of the country’s likely next Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, written on his arm. Modi has been described the man behind the party victory. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp supporters at party hq
Supporters celebrating outside BJP headquarters in New Delhi, after the party won 250 seats in the Lok Sabha elections Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
bjp fireworks
Bharatiya Janata Party supporters celebrate the victory in the Lok Sabha Elections with fireworks and dancing Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
colourful dancers
Colourful dancers celebrate the Bharatiya Janata Party win in the Lok Sabha Elections. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
dancing flag waving
Modi supporters dance and wave flags Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze
colourful bjp drummers
Colourful drummers play for BJP supporters after the party won the national Lok Sabha Elections in a landslide. Photo: Sumit Tharan/NewsBlaze