We are certainly not alone. The world cannot be our last home either. Barring the hogwash floating around the social media about the various evidence surfacing about the massive presence of the Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), it is better to go back to our obscure history when the epic war Mahabharata was penned.

We cannot forget the mythological work of the Ramayana; some of the parts are looked at in allegorical ways. Allegorical descriptions are the ways of our Hindu Mythologies. And some of them can point out to the fullest possibilities of the life forms teeming in outer space or the cosmos.

Religious scripture like the ‘Upanishads’ in a direct manner affirms the truth about the existence of infinite possibilities.

Possibilities refer to the existence of availability of life forms. Such possibilities are all full in the microcosm and macrocosm.

And the process of creation is brimming over. In such cases, the impossible cannot exist.

alien ramayana hanuman. Image by Satheesh Sankaran from Pixabay

Alien Ramayana Hanuman. Image by Satheesh Sankaran from Pixabay

Therefore, the intelligence of extra-terrestrial nature is evidently spread over the creation of the visible universe. If one delves deeply into the meaning and function of the word ‘Apsara’, then the inner esoteric meaning springs forth.

The principle of creation of life is spared throughout the cosmos! So, the intelligent extraterrestrials do survive and flourish far off from us in the realm of science dedicated to the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SENT) and the CETI (Communications with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

Vedics and Aliens

Do have a protocol ready in the event of a contact with the ExtraTerrestrials fondly referred to as the Aliens.

The Vedic scriptures have classified the Aliens or the ExtraTerrestrials on the basis of their habitats, physiology and evolution.

The Reptilians belonged to the subterranean world of the ‘Nagaloka’. The ace archer, Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, according to the scriptural records, had married ‘Ulupi’ a daughter of the ‘Naga’s.

The Humanoid is called the Manush. The gray aliens, quite common one often encountered by many hapless persons, are reputedly known as the ‘Bhutalok’ ; they have comparatively large heads with large dark eyes. They are considerably shorter in size.

There are another kind of aliens which are formless which reside in the Bhubarloka, it is said. In another realm, the ‘Deva’s dwell and operate from therein.

The divine dancers, Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes, Goblins etc. all belong to the same category. There is another horrible natured alien called the Pishachas. These are reputed for abducting and eating the small children.

This sounds familiar with the modern day finding and reporting about the cattle being badly mauled and the sores of thousands of missing children in the US of A.

The modern day findings about the shape shifting they used to roam in the interstellar space, shaped Like disks are also mentioned and identified as the ‘Vimana’s. The King of Lanka, Ravana had his Vimana named the Pushpaka Ratha.

These were reportedly piloted by small evil creatures with ‘large dark eyes and large eyes- heads’. Some of the scriptural records mention about the numbers of types of aliens; this has been put at around four Lakhs of them in various civilizations.

Sumerian Cuneiform Writings

The cuneiform writings of tablets belonging to the Sumerian Civilization and the drawings on the Egyptian artifacts clearly indicate the presence of some humanoid forms which belonged to advanced civilizations.

Some of their bloodlines are still supposed to have been secretly preserved amongst certain influential families in the Western Europe. Our folktales are full of characters that could shift their shapes during some unknown past.

There was a yogic technique to achieve this prowess. A section of yellow journalists, prior to the death of Queen Elizabeth, mentioned a curious case of Vladimir Putin.

It is quoted to have gone on record about the sudden admission that the Russian Head of State Putin had noticed how the face of the queen of Britain started to change during a private interview.