Diphu April 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accorded a grand reception by the people of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Hill district today in grand manner. Several thousands of ethnic tribal artists in their multicolored conventional outfit greeted their preferred leader at Loringthepi helipad, around seventy five kilometers from Diphu, headquarter of Karbi Anglong Autonomous district today at 11.00 hours. Modi was welcomed by more than one party enthusiast by waving the national flag.

Narendra Modi Received by Assam Governor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was received by the Governor of Assam Prof. Jagadish Mukhi, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Executive Member of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Tuliram Ronghang, Piyush Hazarika Minister Government of Assam, Horen Sing Bey member of Lok Sabha, and local MLAs.

Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of several developmental schemes before addressing a massive rally of several lakhs people themed as Peace and development rally.

Key Projects

The key projects include the College of Veterinary Science which will be established at Manja, in Karbi Anglong, the Model Government College and College of Agriculture which will be built at Umpanai and Kolonga locality of West Karbi Anglong district. He also launched two thousand nine hundred eighty-five fishery schemes in Assam under the Amrit Sarovar scheme.

The Prime Minister in his address at the ‘Peace, Unity and Development rally said that the BJP-led Assam government built an accord of stability; he mentioned that the obscurity of Assam and Northeastern states are plummeting and the region is moving towards expansion and growth. There was a time when gunshots echoed in different parts in the States of Northeast. But now applause of peace and development is emerging from every section of people in the State, Modi said.

Modi in adding up the issue of the Armed Forces Special Power Act said that this act has been revoked from 23 regions. “Our government repealed it from Tripura and Meghalaya while previous governments kept on extending it. We have removed it from many districts of Assam,” Modi Said,

The Prime Minister, while acknowledging NLFT, Modi said that apart from Assam, NLFT also chose the path of peace in Tripura. The issue of Bru-Rearing, which remained unsettled for almost two and a half decades, has also been resolved.

The Prime Minister Speaking on the Amrit Sarovar mission said more than 2985 Amrit Sarovar will be launched across the state. More than 75 water bodies of one-hectare area each in every district for water conservation and livelihood generation will be adopted.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi thanked the people of Karbi Anglong for joining hands in the nation-building process. The “peace and development convention” was organized officially by the Assam Government and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council.

Around five lakh people assembled at Loring Thepi from nearby districts along with the local population. Around twelve thousand vehicles including private automobiles were engaged for mass transportation.

Many cultural troops each consisting of hundred artists in each troop represented the ethnic mosaic of Karbi Anglong, Karbi, Dimasa, Towa, Rengma, Garo, Bodo and other ethnic communities welcomed Narendra Modi to the rally.

narendra modi in karbi anglong

Narendra Modi in Karbi Anglong.