As the years and the decades moved on to beyond the horizon of Y2K and the subsequent pell-mell of climatic affairs, we stand condemned: because we have been callous enough to forget the lessons of History. Secret weather modification, not nature, may be causing disasters.

The global climate change is now an established matter of international, pass the buck practice bordering on mass international responsibilities. Humanity, as a slave of the global market economy, has extracted what it cannot return back to the fountainhead of Nature.

Military Weather Modification

The Post Cold War development of chemical modification of weather led to the infamous Operation Popeye in the Vietnam War. The American Forces used aerial platforms operating from the Udon Thani Royal Thai Air force Airbase.

They had a fleet of two Phantom Jetfighters and several Hercules heavy lift transport aircraft for the covert operation.

It was aimed for intentional military use of climate modification by the method called cloud seeding by chemical agents named Lead Iodide and Silver Iodide.

A Man Watches The Flood From The Safety Of A Bridge

A man watches the floodwaters racing through Hamren Town, from the safety of a steel bridge.

The objective was to prolong the monsoonal rains over the Ho-Chi-Minh trail to soften up the communication that was causing distress to military ops by the US troops.

Under public and political pressure, this year’s long USD 3.2 billion covert ops folded down with a lot of embarrassments.

Overkill Disasters

The climate change for intentional use cost Dubai an untimely and overkill of 10 inches of rainfall in a single day as alleged use of cloud seeding was resorted to for a good rain. A record 254 millimetres (10 inches) fell in Al Ain, near Oman the most ever recorded in 24-hours.

India has had its share of unusual flash floods and other torrential rainfall events, such as recent ones in Hamren Town. [photos] There is no proof this event was related to weather modification, but how would we know?

Weather Act

Climate change is a reality but the worst affected countries like India neither advocate nor get closer to a practical tool like an Act called the “Weather Act” applicable for India where the responsibility and practical ways of climate/weather change can be fixed and implemented.

The forest or environmental policies of the country have not done anything beyond a paper beauty.  It is necessary for India’s internal and external security involving its agrarian and defense sectors.

Cloud Bursts

The past scores of years have shown unexplained scenarios of cloud bursts in the Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and parts of the Ladakh and Leh sectors.

There is a scope to understand that may have been an intentional chemical weather modification by some countries inimical to India. China comes to mind as it has perfected the use of cloud seeding and other related research.

Are the mandarins of the Security agencies listening?

Weather modification or natural? Vehicles and Homes Damaged In Hamren Town Flash Flood

Vehicles and homes were damaged when a flash flood ran though Hamren Town in Karbi Anglong, Assam