The Police on Friday rescued a group of thirty-one people who had gone for a trek and got trapped due to flash floods in Leh.

Police said that the group of 23 British nationals and eight locals who were trapped due to flash floods in Leh were rescued and moved to safer places.

A group of 31 people including 23 British citizens and eight locals have been rescued who had got trapped due to flash floods between Markha-Sko areas on Wednesday,” a police statement said. “The group had gone for trekking on Sunday.”

According to police, the group include 23 British citizens. The group comprises one male (group leader) one female teacher and 21 female students, plus eight local guides and cooks.

The police party reached the spot with rations after 12 hours of journey by foot,” the police said, adding that the group was safely rescued with the help of a helicopter. They were taken to Moonline Guest House in Leh.