Diphu August 9: Bokajan police arrested two men after they stole a large quantity of oil and abandoned the oil tanker. The men were identified as Dinesh Swargary, an oil tanker driver and resident of Joti Nagar, Makum, and Narayan Dihingia, the owner of a roadside eating joint and local of Chakalia locality, Dibrugarh district.

As claimed by police, Dinesh Swargary left Tinsukia for Imphal on June 23 with oil tanker no NL016043 filled with 20 thousand litters of diesel. From the next day, he remained out of contact with the tanker owner, Bhabani Prasad Baruah. Baruah, after anxiously waiting until June 30 began an enquiry on his own to find the vehicle. Mr. Baruah travelled the same route the tanker should have taken. On his way to Imphal through Bokajan, he discovered his oil tanker lying abandoned near Chandrapur village, beside national highway 39, a few kilometres from Bokajan town.

After inquiring with the local people he could not find any trace of the driver. Fearing some major catastrophe, Barruah filed an FIR with Bokajan police on August 1.

Police And Court Action After Stealing Oil

Bokajan police arrested Dinesh Swargary from Makum on August 4. Swargary confessed that he sold 14000 liters of diesel to Narayan Dihingia, the owner of the roadside eating joint at Chakalia, Moran, for Rs.3.25 lakhs.

A Diphu court remanded both of the arrested men to police custody for stealing oil.