Guwahati, Oct 15 : A huge number of Bangladeshi nationals are still illegally residing in India and the shocking news has come to light after Assam police arrested 31 illegal Bangladeshis at Guwahati railway station on Monday.

Suleman Kuddus, one of the arrested Bangladeshis said, “Bangladeshi people have entered India by crossing the border every day and it is a continuous process.”

Suleman, who lived in Delhi the past couple of decades and helped Bangladeshi people to enter into India further said that, “over 1 crore Bangladeshi people are illegally residing in Delhi, Bengaluru and other parts of the country.”

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being updated in Assam to identify illegal Bangladeshis residing in the state. The complete draft of NRC was published July 30 last by excluding more than 40 lakh people among 3.29 crore applicants.

bangladeshis arrested guwahati railway station

Bangladeshis arrested at Guwahati railway station

According to the reports, when Assam police arrested the 31 Bangladeshi nationals, there were 10 males, 8 females, 8 male children and 5 female children. The arrests took place at Guwahati railway station on Monday, while they were coming from Bengaluru to Guwahati by Bengaluru express train yesterday and spent last night at Guwahati railway station platform.

They were planning to board the Kanchanjangha express train to go to Bangladesh via Agartala.

An Assam police official Iftikhar Ali said today at around 10 am, police had detained some suspicious people at Guwahati railway station and during the police interrogation, they revealed that they originally came from Bangladesh.

feeding illegal bangladeshis.

Feeding illegal Bangladeshis

“They were coming from Bengaluru and planning to board in Kanchanjangha express to go to Agartala,” the Assam officer said.

The officer said they learned these people illegally entered into India 2-3 years ago and went to Banglaore for some petty works.

When they first entered India they crossed the border fencing with the help of some agents.

To access all facilities in India, they had paid Rs 3000-4000 to the agents.

Suleman, who had an Indian voter card, Aadhar card, and a bank passbook said he cast his vote in Delhi every election since 1990.

Illegal official documentation

Illegal official documentation

The arrested Bangladeshi nationals have been identified as Md Suleman Kuddus, Md Jamal, Shimul, Sabina, Sakebol, Salma, Hassan, Hussain, Masum, Minara Khatun, Abdul Mijanur, Masuma Khatun, Dulal Mia, Hanufa Begum, Md Hanif, Moriam Begum, Aalam Khan, Md Jahagir, Aesha Begum, Jannalu Firdus, Md Jahangir, Md Arif, Md Babu, Md Shar Alom, Shahinur Akhtar, Md Suhel, Muchalafa, Md Raju Hawladar, Md Hussain Bayate, Hassan Biswas, Tajinur Begum and Shiuli Begum.

The BJP-led union government and BJP president Amit Shah categorically said that each illegal migrant from Bangladesh would be made to leave India and the BJP-led union government will pick out each and every illegal Bangladeshi.

indian identification

Indian identification

police interrogate illegals

Police interrogate illegals