Diphu November 1: With possible early assembly elections looming large, the BJP has stepped up its aggressive campaigning in Congress’ widely held tribal Karbi Anglong.

After largely dominating Diphu and Bokajan Assembly seats, Howraghat, considered the strongest bastion of Congress in the district dominated by Khor Sing Engti, Hill Areas Development Minister in the Gogoi cabinet for last 15 years, seems at risk.

Sum Ronghang, the other strong man of the same locality who joined the BJP, deserting Congress last year alleging dynastic politics and financial sleaze by Khor Sing Engti, leads the BJP blitz from the front, along with retired IAS officer Lonki Phangso the aspiring BJP nominee from Howraghat.

Bulk Defections in Congress Bastion

Challenging the Congress boss, a public meeting was held at the Bakong Bithipi primary school where 65 leading citizens and Congress office bearers of Bakong Tisso village, Thong Timung village, Santi Rongpi village and Mon Tisso village formally joined the BJP.

Khorsing Engti

Khor Sing Engti

The large traditional vote banks of Congress broke away from the party to add to the enlarging saffron contingent led by Budhaswar Bey. Newcomers in the BJP largely blamed Khor Sing Engti for his family’s eccentric narrow politics, corrupt administration and lack of development for abandoning Congress.

Retired wily bureaucrat of Assam government Lonki Phangso the aspiring BJP nominee from Howraghat, who attended the mass joining programme as an invited guest, analytically explained to the rural spectators how for a prolonged period, leaders of the ruling Congress party siphoned off public funds allocated by the Central government against Job Cards and IAY housing schemes.

Branding Khor Sing Engti as the most corrupt minister and insignificant person of the Assam cabinet, Lonki Phangso called on the people of Howraghat to back the BJP to oust the dishonest and crooked Congress from Howraghat.

Irrigation Department Fraud

Lonki Phangso mentioned that the Irrigation department has fraudulently consumed 3.39 crore rupees against a nonexistent scheme in Kania Rongpi village of Howraghat.

In the meeting, many young BJP leaders welcomed the Congress supporters but clearly mentioned that no corrupt leaders of Congress or executive members of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council can join the BJP.