Diphu September 18: Sensation rippled through Alutram village near Manja police station, around 18 kilometers from Diphu when a child of 4.5 years (name withheld) son of Muhammad Nabamia, accidentally killed his elder brother Bubul Islam, with a sharp weapon.

According to information, the incident took place in the residence of Muhammad Nabamia around noon. The two brothers were engaged in a game of mock battle when all of a sudden the younger child hit his elder brother with the sharp carving knife used for chopping areca nuts.

The knife struck Bubul Islam in the neck slitting the throat instantly. The naive child did not understand the damage done, and tried to rouse his playmate, imagining that Bubul was just acting to scare him. When the boy did not wake up, the weeping child went to get his parents, and they immediately took Bubul to Manja primary health centre, where doctors declared the boy dead.

Later, based on the information provided by the grief stricken Muhammad Nabamia, Manja police produced the child in the Juvenile court of Naba Kumar Deka Barua, in Diphu. After hearing the case from the government prosecutor, the Magistrate placed the child in the custody of his parents.

“Under various proviso of juvenile act the case will proceed but right now the child will remain with his parents” Magistrate Deka Barua said. Bizarrely enough, throughout the court proceeding, the young child gave the impression of being bright and breezy, oblivious to the damage he had done to his brother and parents.