Diphu November 6: Karbi Anglong district BJP demanded the arrest of Mohonsing Tisso, Chairman of the Diphu Town Committee on charges of embezzlement of government funds.

The funds were allocated for construction of a low cost sanitary programme through the Diphu Town Committee.

The BJP set a seven-day time for arresting Tisso, accusing him of forgery and impersonation. The BJP says if he is not arrested within seven days, they will take further action.

BJP Spokesperson, Bharat Kumar Timung, levelled graft charges against the Hill Areas Development Minister of Gogoi cabinet and MP from autonomous hill districts of Assam through a press release. He suggests that anomalies in the use of public money by the DTC Chairman is only the tip of the ice-berg and in actuality Khoro Sing Ingti, cabinet minister of the Assam Government and Biren Sing Engti MP of autonomous districts are using government funds meant for development in the hill districts.

Timung says they are also patronizing the leaders of Congress party at the helm of power to accumulate unaccounted property and money by siphoning from government sponsored public welfare schemes.

“The twosome shamelessly created such a milieu in the district that embezzlement and misappropriation of government funds is the universal perpetual tradition of the Congress party. Therefore all the Congressmen are highly encouraged for grabbing government properties including valuable plots of land of government in Diphu and other towns of the district. Large-scale corruption in every department under the administrative control of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council is the order of the day,” Bharat Kumar Timung told the media at a press met at the BJP office today.

In related news, Hukleswar Bey, Commissioner of ward number 9 of Diphu town registered a case against Mohonsing Tisso in Diphu police station, alleging withdrawal of one lac and seventy thousand rupees by duplicating his signature by the Chairman himself. The money was kept in the ward commissioner’s account to meet payment of the Low Cost Sanitary Programme (SCLP).

The same ward commissioner also brought a graft charge of seven lac sixty-eight thousand rupees against Tisso alleging he consumed government funds with no construction of a Community hall at Lonki Engti village.