Diphu July 8: In the relentless pursuit against drug traffickers, Karbi Anglong police seized 62.55 grams of heroin worth around forty lakhs rupees in the Indian market from a numberless vehicle. They arrested three notorious drug peddlers at Khatkhati police checkpoint.

Heroin Hidden in Cases of Soap

According to information received, the measures of drugs were packed in five soap cases. Police on suspicion checked their belongings and discovered the soap cases.

All three drug peddlers admitted that they were taking the seized drugs to Karimganj by way of a train from Dimapur railway station.

The three were recognized by police as Mahibur Rahaman, Abaid Husain and Imadur Husain, all residents of Karimganj district.

khatkhati police check post.

Khatkhati police check post.

New Smuggling Techniques

The spree of drug smuggling by newer techniques to hoodwink police and narcotic departments is continuing without lessening intensity. Drugs are known to be smuggled on the trains and in courier packets. Women are often employed as drug mules and passenger buses, cars, bikes, auto rickshaws and any kind of vehicle that can be pressed into use by the shrewd drug traffickers.

Since last year Karbi Anglong police have seized a hefty measure of assorted types of drugs, whose market value is estimated to be more than a hundred crores in Indian currency. Hundreds of small-time drug traffickers and a few linchpins are now in custody; logistics used in smuggling have been confiscated.

Surprisingly in spite of these hard-hitting police strokes, trafficking of drugs is continuing through the same routes; it may not be off beam to imagine that some quantity of drugs are penetrating by sidestepping the ever ready to act vigil by police?

There are suspicions that small amounts of heroin and other drugs are allowed to be trapped at Khatkhati police checkpoint and other places by the key players to make way for larger deliveries.

Last month, the story of Borsing Bey, a Home Guard, now Constable, captured the attention of the government, media and local people, but it appears to have had no effect on the drug smugglers or heroin use.

Police are working to capture more of the contraband and prevent the health problems caused by drug use that sometimes leads to overdose deaths.

seized heroin shipment. file photo.

Seized heroin shipment. file photo.