Diphu June 27: In the relentless drive against contraband drugs, Karbi Anglong police seized a huge quantity of proscribed drugs from three notorious Diphu drug peddlers in the Santipara locality of the town today.

The Three Drug Peddlers

According to official sources a police team led by in charge officer of Town outpost, Achut Nath arrested Akubur Rahaman aged around 20 years, Munnaf Ali aged around 22 years and Jakir Husain alias Handsome from a hideout near a railway track.

Police recovered 525 SP (Spasmo proxyvon) capsules from them. All three drug peddlers are infamous for their connection with drugs and had managed to escape the wrath of law for their political patronage up until now. Today’s arrest is viewed by the concerned section of the society as action against the visible small criminals.

Deadly SP Capsules

Spasmo proxyvon capsules may cause death from overdose. Neurosis is the most common mental problem caused by these drugs. Generally it causes hallucinations after addiction. Composed of paracetamol (400mg), dicylomine hydrochloride (10mg) and propoxyphene napsylate (100mg), SP is a multi-ingredient synthesized opiod used as a painkiller. It is the presence of Propoxyphene napsylate that makes the drug highly addictive. Spasmo proxyvon tablet is a popular antispasmodic drug and is covered under Narcotic Drugs. It is increasingly being abused for its opoid (opium) effect due to its availability.

Heroin Seized

In another operation, Bokajan police recovered thirty six grams of heroin from the Gandhi garage of the town. Naoba Sing and Mangijao Sing both hailing from Manipur have been arrested and a truck (no MN01/9685) used for smuggling of the narcotic has been seized.

Cannabis Transporters Arrested

Two other persons with 20.760 kilograms of cannabis were arrested and the truck (no AS-01KC/9163) used for transportation of the psychotropic substance was seized from Lahorijan area of Bokajan bordering Nagaland during morning hours today.

The story of Borsing Bey has alerted police to their ability to safeguard the people by stopping drug peddlers all over Karbi Anglong and throughout the state. The Home Guard assisted in preventing three kilograms of high-quality crystal methamphetamine tablets reaching their intended destination and harming people.

drug peddlers arrested by police

Bokojan police station