Drug Smuggling Gang

Karbi Anglong police dealt a fatal blow to the drug smuggling gang operating from across the border yesterday evening with heroin worth 10 Crore seized. Police also arrested three key members of the gang and confiscating vehicles used for smuggling narcotic substances. In this operation police recovered one kilogram and three hundred thirty grams of heroin.

Police in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district track the interstate gangs.

Based on information received, a checkpoint was set up by forces of Khatkati police station under the supervision of senior officers, at Rengma Basti Tini Ali locality under the command at Khatkhati PS.

At about 4 PM two vehicles, one EECO van and the other a Maruti Gypsi were intercepted which were coming from Manipur; both the suspected vehicles took the Rengma Basti side road to avoid the customary checking of Khatkhati Check Post.

Heroin Worth 10 Crore Seized

The vehicles after being thoroughly searched ninety nine soap cases containing heroin worth rs 10 crore (50 boxes from the EECO van bearing registration no NL 07CB 2827 and 49 boxes from the Gypsy bearing registration no NL07CA 5586) were recovered.

The quantity of recovered heroin is one kilogram and three hundred thirty grams; police have roughly estimated the market value of the narcotic to be around ten crores rupees in Indian currency.

In this connection police arrested Pavei Saichama driver of EECO van aged around twenty five years resident of Senapati district of Manipur, Veio aged around forty two years who was driving the Gypsi who is also resident of the same district of Manipur and Avi alias Angela aged around twenty five years a resident of Minister Hill locality of Kohima, Nagaland. Police charged the group under various sections of the narcotic and psychotropic substance act.

Heroin Worth 10 Crore Seized. file photo.

seized heroin shipment. file photo.