Diphu August 28:  Pradip Rongpi, Executive Member of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council and elected Member of Autonomous Council from Chingthong constituency which is the epicenter of current Assam Meghalaya border clash visited the Umlapher locality of West Karbi Anglong on Thursday to assess the situation.

It may be mentioned here that since August 24 infrequent clashes are continuing between locals and police forces of both states in and around Umlapher on the issue of territorial possession.

At regular intervals Khasi people of Meghalaya backed by its police force intruded in Umlapher village of Assam’s West Karbi Anglong autonomous district and twisted the chaotic situation.

Pradip Rongpi Unconvincing

It was a tough time for Pradip Rongpi in convincing the people of the locality to keep calm and allow both Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council and state government to take appropriate steps to secure the border.

He assured the people of the locality that the issue will be resolved by the government in accordance with the law of the land and it will be done most serenely.

Pradip Rongpi meanwhile met with leading personalities of the troubled locality and has taken up the issue with his party workers; he also addressed small meetings with the distressed people. Rongpi discussed the issue with the Superintendent of Police and Deputy Commissioner of West Karbi Anglong.

Pradip Rongpi in his office. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Pradip Rongpi in his office. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Governments Ignored Border Issues and People

At this moment the noticeable unenthusiastic approach of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council and Assam government have aggravated the situation. Student organizations and civil society of West Karbi Anglong have expressed dismay over the attitude of both authorities in dealing with the situation.

Karbi Students Association

The Karbi Students Association (Jemson Timung faction) expressed their disappointment and apprehension on the border issue, which is gradually entering a vicious circle.

On Thursday the Karbi Students Association maintained that the gazette notification of Assam Government dated April 13, 1951, where the border was demarcated will be acceptable for them as the base of the issue.

Karbi Students Association alleged that people of Meghalaya backed by police and administration are trying to eat into West Karbi Anglong’s neighborhood starting from Umkhirmi to Sabuda. Neither Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council nor Assam government have done anything to secure the border.

The student’s body articulated its displeasure over the stillness of Member of Autonomous Council elected from Chinthong, Amreng and Socheng, Member of Assam Legislative Assembly voted from West Karbi Anglong, Rupsing Teron who has not bothered to visit the disturbed border areas.

They also resented the absence of basic human facilities like medical, drinking water, schools etc in the border areas where people are compelled to live a primordial life in the twenty first century.